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The Art of Hosting - May 8th-10th 2014 at Otava & Satulinna

  • Art of Hosting
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  • Kurssin vetäjät:

    • Hanna-Riikka Tuhkanen
    • Heli Auvinen
    • Tiina Hoskari
    • Kirsi Joenpolvi
    • Esteve Pannetier
    • Monica Nissen
    • Rygaudas Guogis
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Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations - Hosting Participatory Learning

Art of Hosting is a global community of practitioners using integrated participative change processes, methods, maps and planning tools to engage groups and teams in meaningful conversation, deliberate collaboration, and group-supported action for the common good.

What does this mean in practice? The 3 days training will include both theoretical content and experiential learning. We will work with, demonstrate, practice and explore how participatory methodologies can be used as a foundation for collaborative leadership and learning in groups, teams, communities and organizations.

Please see also: http://aohsuomi.wordpress.com

The training includes:

  • Experience of hosting as a core leadership practice
  • Methods, tools, practices as well as theory and stories
  • Support for the work of involving others in meetings, projects, education and decisions
  • A touch to a network of learners and practitioners

Participants will learn to:

  • Design and lead powerful conversations and meetings that result in clearer thinking, intelligent solutions and group coherence
  • Initiate interactive processes to generate fresh thinking, create trust and create shared commitment to wiser actions
  • Facilitate fundamental organizing patterns that invite profound shifts in how we can live and work together
  • Grow your ability to make a positive contribution

Some of the elements and methods we explore and practice:

  • Circle Practice
  • World Café
  • Open Space Technology
  • Storytelling
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Pro Action Cafe
  • Systems thinking
  • Interaction and relation design
  • Chaordic Stepping Stones
  • 5 Breaths of Design
  • Harvesting


Please register using this form: http://ilmoittautuminen.otavanopisto.fi/art_of_hosting_spring2014. Registration due to 31th March 2014. Places are limited – participants will be included in the order of registration.

This registration page is for the moment partly in Finnish. Please click the 'Ilmoittaudu kurssille'(sign up) -button and after that choose 'Liity' (join) in order to sign up for the training. You will receive further information and inquiries about practicalities closer to the event. UPDATE: Please use the registration link above instead.

Registration fees 2014:

  • Normal, double room, all inclusive 485 €
  • Normal, single room, all inclusive 525 €
  • Registration without accommodation 395 €
  • Discounted (student) group fee is available on request. Please consult ville@banana.fi.

All the prices are VAT 0%. VAT will not be added to the fee. If registration is cancelled after last registration date you will be invoiced half of the price.

You are welcome to spread the word!

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