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Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity

ORGANIZATION WOODSTOCK - How to Flourish in Relations

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- Organization Woodstock Experience 7th - 9th February 2014, Helsinki

- Post Woodstock Retreat 4th – 5th April 2014, Salo

Welcome to explore and expermient with ways to organize our work, communities and politics in new ways! People will gather from different fields and branches of life to experiment together in order to find the unexpected, the new and emergent possibilities to nourish and develop relational organizations.

This is a place and time for co-creation. People who attend bring their gifts to the mill of collective imagination. We play with liberating structures and look into what kind of organization we find ourselves in. All people who are involved have the possibility to take responsibility for the process and content. You can help this experience to become what it will become by donating content, energy, hands, networks, ideas and passion...


- Designing Woodstock Workshop took place 7th January 2014, Helsinki


Kurssin vetäjä
Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä
Kurssin ajankohta
04.04.2014 - 05.04.2014
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